Kelly, Darrell and Charlie

Kelly contacted me awhile back to see if I was available to shoot an engagement session for her and her sweet fiance, Darrell! When she talked about their super sweet proposal on the jumbotron at a Magic Game December 18th, (where Stuff, the Magic Mascot, gave the ring to her), I knew they would be a really fun couple to work with!

Kelly and Darrell are actually getting married in a Key West destination wedding, and I know their photographer is going to have as much fun with them as I did!

Possibly more fun than meeting Kelly and Darrell was meeting their sweet little puppy, Charlie!

Charlie was only minorly impressed with my mad photo skills, and more so with the abundance of squirrels that seemed to be taunting him from the park. At least they helped us keep Charlie focused!

And a big thanks to my assistant, Alyssa, for dog-sitting, squirrel-chasing and keeping a sense of humor about both :)

Most of my clients know how much nature and I don’t get along, so it shouldn’t surprise them to know
that I was only inches away from a squirrel attack in these next 2 pictures.

You can actually see Charlie watching the squirrel that zoomed past me!

So, Darrell requested a “Heisman Trophy” shot with Charlie. Cute, but Kelly’s body language says it all :)

Kelly’s sass makes me giggle :) I think we may be kindred spirits!