I loved meeting Katy and Jeff for their war-plane engagement session in Port Orange at a Fly-In Community!

First of all, if you’ve never been to a Fly-In community, it’s quite possibly the weirdest, coolest thing ever classic solitaire download kostenlos windows 7 deutsch. Streets are actual runways, and garages are giant airplane hangars! As I’m driving through, I’m reminded to watch for oncoming airplane traffic (not scary at all), and they even have a little community plaza where we had an amazing burger lunch herunterladen!

Katy and Jeff chose this amazing location because Jeff is a pilot, and has a huge love for these gentle giants :) Especially this vintage WWII classic, The Obsession warrior cats kostenlos downloaden! (From what I can tell, this is the most information I could find about it online – http://portraitsofwar.wordpress.com/2012/03/22/wwii-p-51-mustang-35mm-color-slide-photo-44-74976-currently-still-in-operation-as-jeffrey-michaels-obsession/)

You should have seen Jeff’s eyes light up when he talked about this plane :) So I was really glad we got to shoot with it fifa 20 web app download!

Oddly, sitting under the plane was probably my favorite shots netflix something! I loved the reflection