Colleen and David | Engaged

If I had to pick one client that I would be forced to watch 10 hours of tv with… it would be Colleen. We have eerily good taste in reality shows.

I met David last spring while he was in Orlando on business. Colleen and David live in Columbus, Ohio and are getting married there this coming April. After having a hard time finding the perfect match for their wedding photographer, David branched out and ran across my website.

Even though they live up north, it worked out perfectly to get together while I was in Cincinnati to shoot their engagement session. They have such a fun dynamic – it’s like this mix of silly, cute and romantic all bundled in to a gorgeous couple! But my favorite part of the shoot was the end, where we shot at a really cool blue bridge (the one that connects Kentucky to Ohio). I loved it! Actually, I loved Cincinnati…. it was a really great trip!