Beth Ann and Ben | Engaged

I get that life takes you in different directions, but when we were in college, I don’t think Beth Ann, or I, thought we’d be back shooting her engagement session 10 years later! But we found ourselves once again trolling the gorgeous grounds at Florida Southern College in Lakeland on a Friday night. Stopping by our old stomping grounds reminded us how far we’ve come and how many things can change!

The campus has so many new, shiny buildings – a stark contrast to the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture that I fell in love with when I toured as a senior in high school. Not saying better, or worse, just … different. Still beautiful, but in a new way that I wasn’t used to. Luckily, my favorite citrus trees still lined the sidewalks from the freshman dorms to my home in the journalism building. The flowers were blooming, Spanish moss was swaying and we had a gorgeous sunset session.

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