Madison’s First Birthday

Shines Like Glitter and A Smile Made of Gold! Our Little Madison is One Year Old!


If you’ve followed me on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen me bragging about “my” baby girl, Madison. I’ve known Madison since she was in her mom’s growing belly, and I’ve been photographing her for just as long. Kristen, Madison’s mom, is part-owner of the event planning firm, An Affair to Remember, and a dear friend. Madison has become my non-biological daughter, and I’m pretty sure that everyone that meets this smiling, silly baby girl feels exactly the same!

Kristen is a Pinterest and Etsy fanatic – and hand-designed every detail from Madison’s party, just like she did for her son, Luke, just a few years ago!

There were so many details for Madison’s 1st birthday party!! To start with we were greeted at the door with hand punched glitter circles that were strung on the door around Madison’s birth announcement. Once you stepped inside you were delighted to see a beautiful color scheme of pinks and golds. To start with there were the black mirror that hangs on the wall in the Johnson’s house was covered in gold and white chveron paper and swagged with handmade fabric pom poms and adorned with a gold glittered “M”. Handmade pinwheels in all shapes and sizes the were the backdrop to the dessert table, which was also lined with gold and white chevron paper. At the edge of the table was Madison’s 1st birthday cake and her handmade invitations. Each invitation was strung in sequins of gold shades and touches of pink. The “smash” cake was a ruffle piece of art from Jennyfer at the Sugar Suite (who also made the amazing cupcakes!) Not only were they the perfect touch – but they tasted great as well!

The dessert table was also accompanied by three different flavors of cake pops from Starbucks (Madison’s mom’s favorite place on earth), homemade cookies, and an ice cream bar. This was no ordinary ice cream bar, it was complete with home made ice cream and all the toppings you could think of.  From fresh cut strawberries, coconut, marshmallows, sprinkles, white chocolate chips, and the list goes on and on. Kristen completed the table with gold shimmer frames that held the names to each food item and different platters to create alternating heights. Including the handmade platter that was the centerpiece to the table that Kristen crafted, painted, and glittered. Kristen found stamped spoons on Etsy that were such a cute touch.

Kristen also added heart felt touches around her house. Including a collage of Madison’s pictures from each month of her first year. There was also a handmade pallet sign that Kristen made which stated, “No one else will ever know the strength of my LOVE for you! After all your the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.” This touching sign was surrounded by pictures of Kristen’s maternity of each of her children and of both of her children’s birth announcement pictures.

Once outside in the backyard you were delighted to see a HUGE bounce house. (Which was wonderful to keep the children busy, while the adults were able to catch up with each other) There were more paper pom poms that were hung under the tent outside that also housed the homemade drinks of Orange Juice Ginger Ale and Pink Lemonade. The pink drink cups were complete with gold and white striped paper straws and glitter flags. We sang happy birthday to Madison outside and then we handed her the “smash” cake. Madison’s high chair was transformed into a throne fit for a princess. It was wrapped in glitter sequins and paper poms poms. It was placed in front of pink paper that had Kristen’s handmade sign that said Happy Birthday Madison.

Kristen couldn’t have planned a more fitting party for her little princess and I can’t wait to see the beautiful young lady she will undoubtedly become!


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