Try Me Series: LipSense Review

LipSense Review / Try Me Series #1

Hi there! My name is Gabby. Some of you may know me from Kristen’s Instagram, but I’m sure most of you have no idea who I am. So allow me to introduce myself! I am an intern/assistant at Kristen Weaver Photography. This is my second semester here and I love it! You never know what crazy idea Kristen will come up with and she will make YOU her muse. With that being said, welcome to “Try Me” the 3 part blog series about some popular direct-sale companies and products! So for today’s post, I’ll be doing LipSense Review by Senegence!

 Let’s get to it!

First of all, I definitely wanted to thank Jennifer Connelly, our Senegence distributor, for sending us these products to try. My review (and this post and video) were not sponsored by Senegence, and Jennifer knows we’re giving an unbiased, honest LipSense review!

I am currently a Radio/TV and Film student at UCF. I was excited to incorporate a video so I can put my editing skills to the test! Also, because Kristen is a still photographer I think a video gives viewers a different element and can connect with us on a more personal level.

If you’re interested in buying any of the LipSense products, you can join her group for daily videos, tutorials and swatches here:


Now, let’s check out some photos of the colors and application process!

Purple Reign is the second color I tried in the video above, in case you didn’t watch it…you should! The color is a lot brighter and a little out of my comfort zone (I usually go for brown-toned nudes) but for the sake of this trial I wore it all day. Nowadays, girls want their lip color to stand out so Purple Reign would be a great choice. It’s rich color speaks for itself.

LipSense products are gluten, non-GMO and Kosher – Also, for all you furry friends out there they don’t test on animals!


How to apply LipSense

STEP 1: You want to shake the product

STEP 2: Then wipe off all the excess from the applicator

STEP 3: Try to apply the color in one stroke or it may come out heavier in some areas

STEP 4: Relax and let it dry without your lips touching

STEP 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 two more times (you want to do 3 layers)

Why 3 layers you ask? Well, the skin breaks down the product in the first layer. The environment breaks down the third layer – so the second layer is protected by the other 2! Basically it’s like a sandwich!  Yummm


LipSense colors we tried

Dawn Rising is the first color I tried in the video…and again if you didn’t watch the video you should! It’s a neutral warm brown tone with a little bit of shimmer. I like this color in the tube –  but when I put it on I felt like it washed me out a little bit.

First Love is the third color I tried on. This one is really similar to Dawn Rising without the shimmer and a little more of a pink tone.

Aussie Rose is a really pretty light pink color with shimmer. I’m not a big fan of shimmer but I do like this color when it on.

We all want that superb red lipstick that will stay on throughout the day from meetings, lunch dates and even a girls night out. Blu-Red is the perfect shade for any skin color! I have tried the Maybelline 24 hour red lip color and don’t get me wrong that’s a great product but I definitely think the LipSense will stay on 100% better.

Everyone meet Kaila! She tried this beautiful Roseberry LipSense. It’s like a pinky, redish color that was topped off with the Glossy product.

Kaila tried the same color but this time with the Matte GlossShe couldn’t really feel a difference but the pigment definitely looks different. The Glossy added a little more pop of color! So it just depends on your personal preference.

We also reviewed a few other Senegence products! Check out those reviews below!

Almond Lip Scrub

Lacey tried out the Almond Lip Scrub. “This actually smells like almonds! After using the scrub my lips felt baby smooth. It has little sugar particles that exfoliate and get rid of any chapped lips. My husband loves it too!”

Lip Balm

Gabe reviewed the Lip Balm for us! “I thought the Lip Balm was pretty bomb ;) It felt really nice on my lips and I didn’t feel the need to constantly reapply. It went on really smooth and evenly!”

ShadowSense – Onyx

I also tried out these 2 other products, the Bougainvillea Gloss and Onyx ShadowSense.

I am typically not a gloss kind of girl but I think I could handle the Bougainvillea Gloss. In fact, I have it on right now! My lips are always chapped so this would be good to keep in my purse for quick moisture!

I used the Onyx ShadowSense as eyeliner instead. It was a little difficult to apply because the applicator is too thick. You might have to use a fine brush to get more control of where the product is going.


I’m not the kind of girl to carry lipstick in my purse to reapply every so often. So, I think LipSense is a great product for those long days we all have. I hope I helped some of you figure out which product/color would be best for you!

Don’t forget this is a 3 part blog post so stay tuned for the next one on LuLaRoe!