The Power of a Photograph

Where we are isn’t nearly as important as where we come from.

I’m still learning; but my love of photography, mixed with my love for history and ancestry has led me to this post.I believe the photograph is powerful. For everyone who is more concerned with having a disc of images – let me tell you about the power of a simple picture – 100 years and 4 generations later.

These photos are some of my most cherished possessions.

This is the front and back of the image. Thomas Nicholas and Florence DuPont. Written by my grandpa (no idea who Hoobie is?)


My grandpa and his brother in “about” 1925. My grandpa was “about” 17. He’s on the right. I’m curious whether the photography studio is still around :)


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The picture on the left had a date of 1930. Grandpa was 22. Not sure on the date for the pic on the right though.


My grandma, Eleanor Elizabeth Nicholson (pictures from the 1920’s)


This is my uber well-dressed grandma. I’m not sure on a date, but he labeled the picture “Eleanor Dupont” so I know they were already married. My grandma’s hats are another of my prized possessions. I have 3 in beautiful condition, in the original box. We just used 2 in a recent photo shoot. She would be proud :) Still beautiful after 80 years in a basement.


Here they are married :)


The first “color” photograph of my grandpa. I believe this was during his “bootlegging” years. Check out his leather jacket and hat!


My momma! (with my grandma on the right) from 1958. Mom was 2. (Sorry for sharing your age!)


Ha, ok, trying to go in chronological order. This is my mom and dad on the left (in yellow). Yes, my mom is wearing a belly shirt. Check out the fashionable curtains! This was around 1978-ish. The other couple is my mom’s close friends Peggy and Danny. I grew up with their kids, Kelly and Matt. Kelly is my facebook friend :) See how this works?


I think this is my mom’s first car… or something… a Mustang? If she reads this, she’ll probably correct me.


And then there was me! This is my still-fashionable grandpa sometime around 1981-1982? He wore a 3-piece suit everywhere, for as long as I knew him. I miss that kind of class.


The bikini! I think this was a lake somewhere in Ohio. Gross.


My true roots began on a tractor…


… and doing manual labor (I’m very proud of my rock. Don’t hate).


I remember that rocking horse…


I was such a poser!


And lastly, here’s a picture of me, my mom and that guy from Tool Time! Ha, just kidding… it’s my dad!


Well, thanks for taking this little journey with me – and allowing me to share these precious photos. Maybe another time I’ll post “Phase II” of my life, which includes my step-dad and baby sister (well, she’s almost 20 now). Thanks for stopping by!