Solutions Bridal Designer House | Interview with Tali Gallo

Emily here!
I recently got the opportunity to chit-chat with the Vice President of Operations & Sales of Solutions Bridal, Tali Gallo! Through this little interview, she gives a sneak peek into her life and career in one of Orlando’s most popular bridal salons.

So, tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from? Do you have any hobbies? Any fun facts? 

I’ve lived in Orlando for six years and I’m originally from Gainesville, FL. My husband and I got married a year ago in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We recently bought a house in College Park and live their with our cat, Stewie. On my days off, I enjoy being active by paddle boarding,  doing yoga at Orlando Power Yoga, or pinning dreamy interior design images. Hmmm.. fun facts. I could eat popcorn everyday. One of my favorite date spots is the Enzian. I love that you can enjoy a beverage and dinner while watching a documentary.


How did you get started with bridal fashion?

Ten years ago the owner, Newell Fox, recruited me. My mom always encouraged me to try new things so I went for it. I never thought I would end up in a bridal career. I was exposed to wedding dress design at a very young age. After school, I watched my great aunt make wedding dresses while I waited for my mom to get off work. When I started working at Solutions Bridal, I felt at home immediately. This has much to do with the company’s culture as it had to do with my passion for customer service. I don’t think there is any product more personal than a wedding dress. How can I ever feel this rewarded in another career? So ten years later, I am still here and happy to say I found my “home” at a very young age.

Is there anything you would say is unique to the experience Solutions Bridal offers as far as meeting new brides?  

Everything is different. We study and critic everything we do. We are constantly studying new designers, getting refreshed on the designers we currently carry, learning from the seamstresses, etc. We use knowledge to create a unique experience. We love getting to know our new brides. Our goals go beyond selling a wedding dress. Our goal is to make people feel good. To feel confident. Its about a moment. A moment that cannot be recreated and a moment that is personal to the individual.  I hope in twenty years I will have the chance to meet my brides children and help them with their dresses. That is my personal goal. Oh and we believe in fun. We have surprises we do for our clients!

What is the best part about your job? Even the little day-to-day things

When a bride finds her dress. It never gets old. As far as little day to day things, I enjoy educating my team and also learning from them. Its a very collaborative environment so we really get to dabble in everything.

How would you describe your own personal style? 

Oh gosh, I am all over. At work, I am very minimalist. I love Karen Millen and Ted Baker. Because I often wear cocktail dresses to work, I tend to dress casual during days off. I would describe my street style as urban.



What are some of your favorite or “go-to” dresses this season?

 My favorite dress from the runway is “Bright”, a couture gown by Ines Di Santo. It has an embroidered lace design at the waist with a plunging back. As far as for real brides, I love “Celia” by Rivini. The designer balanced sophistication and sexy with a beaded bodice and sheer backline.

How did you meet Kristen Weaver? 

I’ve always admired Kristen’s work so its hard to think of when I first met her. I believe she was looking for a dress for the Image for a Cure photo shoot. We loved the nonprofit focus and we jumped at the chance to work with her. Our most recent partnership was a fashion show at the Ritz Carlton! Stay tuned for photos.


Is there anything new and exciting coming up with Solutions Bridal? Are there any goals that the business as a whole is looking forward to meeting in the near future? 

Yes, we do have exciting news about a new designer. We will be making an official announcement this January. Lets just say its legendary and not currently available in Orlando.

After 13 years of business, its more about refining. We are one of the few bridal boutiques in the country (and the only one in Central Florida) that provides an experience exclusively for the bride. We don’t carry bridesmaids or flower girl dresses. We have created a unique experience for the bride and we want to master at that. If anything, we are going back to the ways of old school customer service.