Final Internship Post: Samara

End of Internship: Samara

I can not believe that 6 months as a KWP intern is coming to an end! It went by so quickly, and I was able to learn so much! When I first began this internship, I had no idea of what to expect. I did not really have any photography experience, but I was interested in learning about the industry. Throughout my time interning, I learned all about the wedding industry, photographing models, styled shoots, blogging, and running a business. Each day at the studio was full of something different. I loved how one day I could be working on a blog post and an hour later I was fanning a model so her hair would look perfect for photos.

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Wedding Assistant

One of our internship requirements was to be a photography assistant at a wedding. I had never attended a wedding before, so I was very excited about this. In October, I attended Alex and Heidi’s wedding with Kristen and Stephanie at the Hard Rock Daytona Beach. I was so interested in attending this specifically because it was a Vietnamese wedding, which I was so excited to experience. My day was spent assisting Kristen in any way possible, from holding camera lenses to asking any necessary questions.

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Vendor Shadowing

I also had the opportunity to shadow a wedding vendor, and I chose to spend an afternoon with Lisa Stoner, a local wedding planner. I went to her office and sat in on a meeting with a bride and her parents. They asked one another questions to decide on a wedding planner. After the meeting, Lisa explained to me everything she does in preparation for a wedding. She also allowed me to ask her a bunch of questions about her role in the Orlando wedding industry. I was so glad to hear that the bride Lisa met with ended up choosing her as the wedding planner.

Styled Shoot

The biggest KWP intern project was to plan our very own styled shoot. Throughout the last 6 months, I communicated with a variety of local wedding vendors to put together a shoot that matched my vision. The styled shoot needed to be something wedding-related, so I chose to create a bridal shower brunch with a bride and her 4 bridesmaids, rather than creating a typical wedding shoot. When first told about this project, I had no idea what putting a styled shoot together entailed. I ended up so happy with the way it turned out. I learned how to work with various wedding vendors and make all of the pieces of the shoot come together.

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Interning with Kristen Weaver Photography has taught me so much about the photography industry. Coming into this internship, I knew very little about anything related to this industry, and I am so grateful for the skills I have gained here as a KWP intern.