Cleveland Rocks!

Hello, from cold and snowy Ohio! I’m not actually in Cleveland, but close. About an hour southeast in my hometown of Youngstown, Ohio. We’re also about an hour North West of Pittsburgh, PA.

Today is the one vacation-work-day I’ve given myself, so after a few hours of shooting, updating, corresponding, emailing and facebooking, I’m finally updating my blog! Short and sweet, let me give you some details of what I’ve been up to!

Our long 19 hour drive to Ohio wasn’t as bad as I expected. I got to see a traveling Lemonade stand in Gainesville (then again in GA), a cat driving a Jeep at a gas station in TN, and almost got car sick before stopping for dinner in Kentucky. We had to take the long way up, thanks to that huge snowstorm that hit Virginia and West Virginia.

I finally met “the missing link” of Anthony’s family – his big brother Bill. He flew in on Wednesday and got to spend Christmas with Anthony, myself and the kids before heading back to Michigan on Saturday.

2009 was an amazing year for me, closing out with today’s shoot of American Idol contestant, Sarah Burgess, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s cold (22 degrees) and snowing (more like a blizzard), and I sat in snow to shoot.

I also started my first workshops this past fall for other photographers, and even organized the amazingly successful event, Images for a Cure, raising nearly $13,000 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

So many people have graciously let me be a part of their lives this year, and 2010 is looking even better! Just since being on vacation, I’ve brought 3 new 2010 brides in to our little family and booked 2 shoots with an amazing photographer in SC next November.

2010 will start off with an amazing wedding in West Palm Beach, FL, and end on Dec. 31st, 2010 with the wedding of my dear friend Michelle in Lakeland, FL. In between, I’m doing plenty of traveling! San Francisco, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, South Carolina, Nashville and hopefully Australia, to help launch the first Images for a Cure… Down Under!

I just started to dual market myself for NE Ohio/PA, too. So if you’re in that area – I’m now available to shoot weddings and photographer workshops in that area!

January is also a cool month for me, as I find my images published in 3 magazines – Orlando Style, Osceola Oasis and Vocess Magazine.

If you’re on Twitter, you could totally help me out by RT’ing this:

Nominating @kristenweaver for @OneWed #bestweddingvendor

Well, I think that’s everything! I have a TON to catch up on when I get back in town, including blog posts of Terry and Beth’s wedding, several portrait sessions, a maternity session, and 2 fashion sessions (including ours from today!)

Oh, and before you ask, yes, I do have a few New Years Resolutions, but I’ll share those later this week!

And since I’m incapable of writing a blog without including an image… here’s a quick teaser from today’s shoot with Sarah! (virtually straight off the camera since I hate editing on my laptop):