Cypress Grove family photos

Imet up with the Metka family around 8am over at Cypress Grove Estate House in downtown Orlando ccleaner portable german download for free! I love shooting there – the outdoor space at the venue is absolutely perfect for portraits!

I first got to know Chelsea at Tessa and Matt’s wedding herunterladen! That was over three years ago now, and they’ve welcomed a couple of absolutely adorable girls to their crew since then! Charli is such a good big sister – even if she was a little preoccupied with a minor boo-boo (nothing a quick bandaid couldn’t fix!) skype download old version.

In the end, our family photo session was cut a little short, but I was so happy with all the amazing shots I got of this sweet little family! The holidays are my favorite time of year, partly because it’s my chance to meet up with all of our favorite families who book us for holiday portraits sport1 herunterladen!

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