Meet the Team

I had an opportunity to get new headshots. Wait, what I mean to say is that I was forced to have headshots taken, since my only headshot (not taken with a phone) is from 2009. I asked Luisa and Marla to come over and fancy up my team – Anthony, Alyssa and myself – for our new website that we’re working on! Since they helped us out, we did a few new shots for them…

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B.Sessions | The Albums

Eeeek! I’m so excited because my B.Session albums are starting to roll in (and you know what that means? 6 happy men!) These stunning 5×5 beauties were included in the price of the B.Session – which was such a runaway success, I’m considering a second B.Session marathon in December!

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Trains, Ice Cream and Books, Oh My!

Sounds like an ideal engagement session, right?! We just ran around Winter Park and snuck in to a few back alleys, nooks and crannies for some cute little moments! It didn’t seem terribly hot when we started, but oh man – the sun in Florida is brutal! Deb and John stuck it out with me, though. We ended the session with a delicious lunch from Briarpatch and Ice Cream! It’s always really cool to just…

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