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The Casements | Catie and Robert

The Casements When Catie first met Rob, she swears it was love at first sight, and describes their proposal as the, “best day ever!” Catie had just competed in Miss Florida United States, and while she knew that there would be a party after, she truly had no clue what was in store for the rest of the night schriftart din herunterladen! She was in total shock when Robert proposed in front of all of…

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Latoya and Nick | Engaged

Latoya had me at “Louboutin”…. or was it “Burberry”? Well, whichever it was, it was true love talking about shoes and wedding plans over Dexter’s brunch :) Meeting Nick and Latoya was kind of like spending the day with those friends you used to have in high school, that you forgot how funny they were until you hung out with them again to download spelling? Remember those? I mean – I had a seriously good…

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In a New York Minute | Rachel and Teddy

December 11, 2010 | Orlando, FL I knew that my first blog post of 2011 needed to be a doozy. When I first met Rachel, I was shooting some new headshots for An Affair to Remember, an Orlando-based coordination team herunterladen. Rachel was one of their top notch event planners and we had started talking about her wedding photography a few weeks prior. When she originally contacted me, I was already planning my December B.Session…

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