Courtney & Porya | Trash the Dress

Trash the Dress session in Ontario, Canada (Niagara-on-the-Lake)

Sometimes, it truly is more about the journey than the destination.

And sometimes… it’s about both.

It all started with an email, asking if I’d mind a small 6-ft rock “hill” to climb down to get to a gorgeous, undisturbed waterfall in Ontario. I told Court that I’m the least athletic person that I know – but I was pretty sure I could handle a measly 6 feet. Right.

Now, Gray might think I’m exaggerating…. but I’m fairly certain the rock-drop alone was around 20 feet. Then, there was the rest of the mountain to scale. Although we could mostly walk, we ended up falling down most of it. By my third fall in the mud and slippery rocks, I decided to just slide down on my bum the rest of the way. I mean, if Court can do it in a wedding dress, surely I could manage it in jeans!

It wasn’t until about 2 hours later that I realized it would be much more difficult to get back UP the 20 ft. rock drop…. with a little assist (ok, literally 3 people had to pull and push me) I made it to the top. But not before my bride, sweetheart as she is, offered to use her head, strategically placed under my bum, to shove me up the rocks. Hopefully it’s the last time a bride has to put her head up my butt. :-/

But it was an amazing afternoon with Courtney, Porya, Gray and Nicole! I loved this shoot, the location, the mood – it was perfect :)

So I really hope you love the sweat, tears and sore muscles that went in to it :) And as a side-note, I’ve never been so happy to take a hot shower in my life!

We started at the top of the mountain. I fell in love with this tall grass! (also, not sure if this is actually a mountain, but I’m from Florida…)

This is the rock-drop. I went down second. Courtney was last. She’s actually done this before though…

We all prep for a photo shoot in different ways…

Our trail back up the mountain is in the background of this pic. Notice, it’s not really a trail – but a treacherous rock climb.

(Just an editing note – I did a mix of my normal editing style, plus added in some film/grain love when I thought the photo called for it. :))