I finally get to share one of the most fun personal projects I’ve gotten to work on! After seeing the cutest Buzzfeed article about a mom in Arizona who let her toddler dress her for a week, I wanted to see what some of my own friends and clients could come up with! So many…

I finally get to share one of the most fun personal projects I’ve gotten to work on! After seeing the cutest Buzzfeed article about a mom in Arizona who let her toddler dress her for a week, I wanted to see what some of my own friends and clients could come up with! So many of my brides are starting their own families – so it was kind of perfect to invite them over for a day of shenanigans.

And a special thanks to Cat Lemus, who never seems to doubt my ridiculous ideas! When I asked if she could put together a cute little video of our day, she came and spent the day with me and all the toddlers :) The video is probably my favorite thing to share with you! So be sure to watch it below!

To our #toddlerstylist moms – leave us a comment to tell us about your favorite part of the Toddler Stylist experience! Although we sent over a gallery of images for you to download, we’re going to keep working on some more of our favorites and share those on Facebook for you, too!

Kristen Johnson is an event designer with An Affair to Remember, and one of my friends (and bridesmaids!). She brought her kids Madison and Luke to the shoot! Madison chose proper princess attire for herself, complete with pigtails and her signature glasses. Luke chose an old swimsuit, gray t-shirt and black dress shoes. They styled Kristen in a long tulle skirt and plenty of accessories!


Sarah is a super-hero momma! Her boys, Ryder and Bobby, dressed her in spandex leggings and leotard, with a cropped gray t-shirt and black cape.


Giuliana is our little tulle sweetheart in pink and pearls! She was a little shy, so she grabbed Baby Kitten’s toy to bring to the studio with her! She dressed her mom, Michelle, in classic sporty attire!



Sarah’s little girl, Thea, loves bright colors! She dressed Sarah in a long maxi dress, pink-camo leggings, black sneakers and a pink vest. Thea came prepared with her Cinderella gown, crown and wand. In case you couldn’t tell, Thea made sure they both wore belts to properly accessorize their outfits!


Mandy came with Alyssa and Lucas for their session! Alyssa dressed Mandy in a very classic work-outfit, with burgundy tights and cute dress! The socks were my favorite part of Alyssa’s outfit – along with polka dot leggings and lots of pink! Lucas went for a green sweatshirt and Thomas rain-boots!



Elaine, sister to fashion stylist Melanie Pace, let her 4 year old, Gavin (whom they nicknamed Mini-Mel) style her! Although she swears she only owns about 4 pink items – Gavin chose every one of them for her outfit and topped it with a sparkly gold and black shirt. Accessories were very important to Gavin, who chose sunglasses, a clutch, necklace and earrings! She also brought her little girl, Ada, whom Gavin dressed in white and red with a tulle skirt! Gavin chose a striking bow-tie ensemble with plaid shirt and shorts for himself.


This is shy little Ava, who came with her mom Olivia! For herself, she chose her favorite pink dress, bright multi-colored tulle skirt as a petticoat, striped leggings and Spiderman (her accessory). She dressed Olivia in black boots and a teal dress, with a scarf as her main accessory!


One of my favorite crazy families, the Hobgoods came with baby Bowie in a classic mermaid outfit (her dad is pro-surfer CJ Hobgood – so this makes total sense for this little water babe!), complete with tail and giant pink slippers. She also wore a bracelet as kind of an arm-band thingie. Big sister Genevieve helped her style mom, Cortney, in a white sequin mini-skirt and floral crop top. Cortney coaxed them in to a tank underneath for “modesty”.


Kristin and Harper were super ready for the challenge! Harper dressed mom Kristin in as many things as she possibly could, including 2 tops and a fur jacket! She finished off the look with high leopard heels, a jeweled necklace and distressed jeans. Harper chose a matching necklace, gold ballet flats and a summery maxi dress!


For Summer and her mom it was ALL about the hair accessories! They chose semi-matching blue dresses with scarves and a pink cross-bag purse.


Ashley and daughter, Faith, were classy in black and muted colors! Faith chose her favorite striped dress and plaid scarf, paired with gray winter boots and simple hair-style. For her mom, Faith chose a black blazer, long maxi skirt and baseball cap.


Noah and mom Danielle were bronzed and ready to go! Noah chose an orange shirt, pants, green shoes and Mickey Mouse baseball cap for himself, while dressing Danielle in a sequin and chiffon cocktail dress, yellow belt and clutch and lots of watches and necklaces! He finished her look with a flower for her hair!


And we ended the day with our princess Elsa (Madison) who came with mom Shantelle! Madison wore all blue like her favorite Disney Princess from Frozen and even sang her own rendition of Let It Go for us! She dressed Shantelle in a wine-colored cocktail dress with long gold necklace and brown heels!

Young Fashion from Cat Lemus on Vimeo.