Caity has the best boyfriend ever!

I got a call from Brant a couple months ago, while sitting in my “virtual office” – the Tire Kingdom waiting room. He was looking for an awesome Christmas present for his girlfriend, Caity. I vaguely remember going over the details of what a fashion portrait session entails while random men pretended not to listen to my call. Quite frankly, I can’t think of anything more awesome than spending a day with me and Jillian, so I was super excited to get an email from Caity about her new present!

One of the cutest parts of the day was when I excitedly beckoned for Brant to show him one of the captures from the back of my camera, and squeeled, “Doesn’t she look beautiful!” Brant took a second and looked at the image, then said, “I always think she looks beautiful.” (I’m sure one of Brant’s baseball buddies will punch him for that one…)

Oh, to be 17 again!

I LOVE shooting these senior-fashion sessions, because it’s like playing “Model for a Day” with my clients! Not that it’s a stretch for Caity, the senior volleyball player, who stands taller than me barefoot (I’m 5’9″). So you’d think I’d be all over the long shots, right? Nope! This girl has the most amazing skin and gorgeous green eyes – I took every chance I got to shoot nice and close.

Can you believe this is only Caity’s teaser? I still have a ton of photos to dish out! So sit tight and hang out on my blog for a bit. Don’t forget to leave a little comment to let Caity know how awesome her boyfriend is (as if she already didn’t!)

And Brant – thank you so much for bringing Caity to me! You were an awesome fan-holding-paper-moving-location-finding-clothes-carrying-boyfriend-assistant, who ended up sitting through hours of gossip about Jimmy Choo and wedding gowns. I hope you guys love the photos as much as I loved working with you! (Oh, and PS, Brant, don’t ever call me ma’am again! haha)

Jillian Caro did hair and makeup for both of Caity’s looks today!

I just LOVE her eyes in this one!

Brant gets a shiny gold star for finding this door (even though it turned out to be a REALLY smelly outdoor bathroom)

I figured I’d make Brant get at least one shot with Caity, since they were all the way out here!  He obliged, but I’m not sure how happy he was about it!

We finished up right as the sun was going down. Just enough time to grab one last shot by street light.