Roman Rhys

Melissa is one of my favorite wedding photographers :) Unfortunately, she lives in Chicago so I barely ever get to see her pretty little face! But I was even more excited about this trip she was taking to Florida, because she was bringing along her 7 month old baby boy, Roman Rhys! Not only does Melissa make beautiful art – but she makes beautiful babies, too!

I already feel like I know him since Melissa posts pictures of him daily – but I’ve been dying to meet him and play with him! And he didn’t disappoint – he was smiley and laughing through the entire shoot! We even found out he loves cats…. poor Marina also found that out when he found her tail :)

Our shoot in the forest was perfect, and I had the best models ever :) Even Giant (her hubby, whose real name is Michael) got some camera time!

Love you guys and miss you tons!! Next time, I’ll need to find my way out to Chicago (since I’ve never been there) and see Roman again!!

See my fashion-inspired shoot with Melissa and Giant here: