Meet Melanie Pace

Let’s talk about the cool people I know. (PS – this blog post has no educational value. But it’s my blog, and you’re visiting – so I get to do whatever I want!)

Melanie Pace. Stylist extraoirdinairre and overall cool person. Add “funnest fashionable friend….ever” to her list of accolades.

We make no sense. Really. We get together – and it’s this mass of confusion, laughter and odd looks.

So anyways! I “had” to do her new headshot today (to show off her killer brown hair), but not like it’s ever work when Melanie’s involved….

So who is she really?

This should just about sum it up. (these are animated, so if they’re not animating, refresh or let it load – cause your computer is slow)

No? Ok, well how about this one….

Ok and just to have a picture – here’s her final headshot: