Mona | Fashion Session

Who remembers the stunning Mona from her fashion session in January?

We finally have all of her favorite images finished up, and I wanted to share them with everyone! I just delivered her portfolio prints and disc a couple weeks ago, but got so tied up with a couple editorials that I haven’t gotten a chance to post her amazing session!

I love doing these fashion sessions because I get to spend a whole day with some of my favorite people, Melanie Pace and Jillian Caro! Plus, we get to work with new models, and see what they’re really made of! And don’t believe the hype… modeling can be pretty glamorous! Take the photo above, for instance. Mona was casually (hehe) leaning from some sort of roof-top electrical unit while rocking $4,000 Gucci boots, that she said “felt like walking on marshmallows!” Not to shabby, eh?

The fabulous Jennifer Frances helped me out with some amazing editing on a few of these!

We started with some gorgeous, natural beauty shots

Then we had to bump up the sultry fashion with a hot little number styled by Melanie!

Bridal! Yay :)

One of my favorites, below :)

And finally, my favorite part of the shoot! Rooftop and Gucci. So fun!