Robby and Cathy

I can’t believe I almost missed out on working with Robby and his sweet girlfriend, Cathy! After a few attempts at shooting them for one of my one-on-one workshops, we finally got to connect when I hosted Stacy, a photographer from South Florida, for her workshop day! Robby and Cathy were the perfect “couples” subjects and were perfectly patient while I coached on natural light conditions, and client interaction. Since I had never met them before, it was the perfect opportunity for me to show Stacy how I connect with my clients to capture those sweet moments during a shoot.

It turns out, I should’ve met Robby and Cathy forever ago! We have about 2 degrees of separation all over the place (their roommate is one of my favorite models, Hope, and I actually worked with Robby’s dad at Engle – “back in the day”!) It was so great to finally meet them and I’m so glad that we had such a good shoot with Stacy!