Aaron and Melanie

I first met Melanie about a year ago when she signed up for a one-on-one workshop with me! She came in from her hometown in Arkansas, where she was slowly starting her path as a career photographer! Since her husband and her frequently visit Disney, when they made plans to come down this November, she contacted me to shoot a couples session, since they never had engagement photos! It was so great catching up with her and finding out about how much her business has grown since we worked together, and she’s even opening her own studio now! I like to think it had a little bit to do with me, but Melanie was a great photographer to start, and had some amazing ideas! We just pointed her in the right direction and her hard work and persistence got her the rest of the way! I’m like a proud momma. :)

It was really nice seeing her and Aaron again, this time as my clients…and now they have some gorgeous pictures of their happy selves :)

And PS – could you just die for Melanie’s eyes? So jealous :)