A Future Florida Gator

I feel like I’ve known Danielle for about the last 5 years… which is funny, because I have. Ok, it’s not that funny… but in 5 years, we may have only met once or twice – but I’ve heard her name a lot!

She worked with my fiance at HuntonBrady a few years back and was good friends with him and the kids (in fact, they still ask about her!). On top of that, she knows my Oct. 2 bride Lindsey (they cheered together) and her best friend, Justin (who I used to work with!). Are you lost yet?! Small world!

I was really excited to get an email from her a few months ago that she was expecting her first baby (a boy, named Noah) and wanted to do pictures! I had actually just gone to a WPPI Road Trip show and listened to Amber Holritz speak (amazing family and children photographer) and was really inspired to do their photos at her home. Ok, so I probably oversimplified a bit… but I learned a lot about family photography – so I definitely wanted to incorporate it in to Danielle and Noah’s shoot!

Noah comes from a long line of Florida Gator men, so he’s already being prepped with a jungle/gator themed nursery and Danielle admitted to sneaking in a few Gator comments to him while he’s sleeping :)

Taking what I learned from Amber and how much I adore Danielle, Phillip and Noah – this has become one of my favorite family sessions ever! I seriously heart them. And I’m secretly hoping Danielle will invite me over for playdates with Noah! He’s my new BFF. Just sayin.

Noah’s nursery is the cutest thing ever! I really debated posting these all in color because it’s so bright and fun!
But I really wanted to go for a different feel and loved the warm black and whites.

It’s rare, but once in awhile I see a fun opportunity for a picture of me doing my job.

Phillip’s parents have an Airstream that we really wanted to get some shots in, too! They’re at the end :)

I call these “Love Bubbles”

We decided to take him outside when he started getting a little grumpy.
Danielle said he loves the outdoors, and she’ll come sit out there with him all the time to calm him down.

Sorry there are so many of these – but I seriously couldn’t resist those big eyes and funny expressions!

The 2 below are some of my favorites from the day. I love those unexpected sweet moments :)

Amber talked about being there for the moments that make every day.
Not those “photoshoot” moments that we create – but what truly makes a mother and her child bond.
There’s something so calming about this image below…

Noah is one of those babies that doesn’t want to miss a thing! Danielle said he barely naps, but his big debut made him a little tuckered out.
He crashed for about 10 minutes before he was back up and ready to finish the shoot!

Sweet Noah got the hang of the “look at the camera” deal, and his eyes followed me everywhere, even when I ducked down under the bed!

Favorite :) 3 generations of  “finger toes” – right, Phillip?!

This is one of 5 of Danielle’s cats, Pooter.

Finishing up the shoot in the Airstream. He was pretty much done at this point.

Grandma and mom to the rescue!

Hanging out at the end of the day with grandma and grandpa…