Kristin and Michael | Engaged

Kristin and Michael’s wedding is right around the corner. 10 days from today, on 11/11/11, Kristin and Mike will be saying their “I Dos” at Interlachen in Winter Park, FL.

We decided to celebrate their roots by shooting in Kristin’s hometown – Geneva. Actually, at Kristin’s home – which is sentimental as both the place she grew up, and recently, as a place of new beginnings. Following a devastating house fire this past summer, Kristin’s family nearly lost everything – however, with everyone safely accounted for, they have begun to rebuild and look forward to their new house and the new memories they’ll make there.

This season could have been a time for sadness, but instead, they are filled with the love of family and friends as they prepare for Kristin and Michael’s wedding next weekend.

Kristin is my “neurotic-bride, in a good way” – :) I absolutely adore her and her cooky personality! Michael is equally awesome, and their adorable pups makes 4! Kristin and Michael mean a lot to me – as clients and as friends – and I’m so looking forward to celebrating with everyone! See you soon!

So Kristin was a bit opposed to Michael wearing his “Jorts”…. but this is him, everyday. So I highly encouraged it :) And I’m pretty glad I did!