It’s a little baby engagement session!

Haha, so don’t let the title fool you, I swear Alex has nothing to do with babies in this engagement session! But one of the best things about meeting Alex was realizing that we may actually be the same person, with the same bad jokes (they’re only bad to other people!), and the same weird comments, like adding “baby” in front of everything :)

Alex is also a photographer from Jacksonville, a fellow Nikon shooter and a little bundle of energy with some super sweet wedding plans! When she mentioned shooting their engagement session in North Jacksonville in a cotton field, we were up against a crazy deadline to beat it’s seasonal harvesting! We shot at the end of the day, with not a single cloud in the sky (gorgeous day, but stinky for shooting in an open field!), but luckily, we just beat the harvest and got some amazing shots!

Now what about her man? He’s her rock. It’s one of those relationships that make you feel all warm and fuzzy when you’re around them. Maybe not the overly PDA warm and fuzzy, but you know the kind where you really know they’re best friends first? He totally has her back, and knows when to throw that sweet smile her way. All around, a really great couple!

Alex and Chris are getting married on April Fool’s Day at the Ribault Club in Fort George Island, FL, and I’ll be there to capture every moment of it!