Dixie and Nick | Engaged

Oh man. I’m so bad at writing blogs about my friends! It’s seriously the most difficult thing for me to do! So I’m finding myself having a bit of writer’s block about Dixie and Nick’s super cool, legal-fun-having, engagement session! What I can mention, is that Dixie has the most eclectic taste and you, my dear blog readers, will die when you see what she has planned for her September wedding! I mean really. I can’t freaking wait!

Dixie and I go way back. After meeting in college and becoming fast friends, we found ourselves hanging out after my graduation doing things like making Christmas magnets, decorating my apartment and making frequent trips to the nearby WalMart! We both shared a love for all things legal, and I was so proud to see her move off to law school at Stetson in St. Pete, where she happened to meet the man of her dreams, her future husband, Nick.

Now, both graduated and on to successful law careers (Dixie in private practice, and Nick as an Assistant State Attorney), they’re looking forward to the next chapter in their lives which will include their super cute cat, lots of seat-belt purses, glitter and shopping. It seemed appropriate to head over to the West coast (of Florida) and shoot their engagement session at the same school that had such an impact on both their personal and professional lives.

September can’t come soon enough :) Miss you guys already!