And the winner is….

The Results!

I suddenly feel like I should have hosted an episode of  The Price is Right! Come on down (to Miami)!

Ok, but I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the results, so I’ll stop playing around.

After 6,812 total votes and 280 comments rooting along their favorite photographer – your friends, family, fans, and weird guy across the street, have joined forces and chosen a winner!

My poor Google Analytics almost had a heart attack with a whopping 44,000 pageviews this week.

The race got pretty heated in it’s final days, as first and second place flip-flopped more than … well, a lot.

So after checking the results and verifying the votes, I wanted to personally congratulate my first ever Photofusion winner…..

Shannon Grant!

Come on down! You’re the next contestant on the…. wait, no. Nevermind.

You’re going to Miami!

And for all those curious about the standings – here’s the top 10 and their percentage of total votes:
(there were 21 total contestants. places 11-21 accounted for 6% of the total votes collectively)

1st place: Shannon Grant – 25%
2nd place: Redner Salonga – 23%
3rd place: Sheri Baldwin – 11%
4th place: Tisha Johnson – 10%
5th place: Maris Ehlers – 8%
6th place: Heather Blackwell – 6%
7th place: Yuliya Callahan – 3%
8th place: Rise Photography – 3%
9th place: Noelia Kline – 3%
10th place: Aaron Greenwood – 2%

Congratulations to every single person who entered. There was a lot of love going around this week, and I would have been thrilled to work with any of you!

… maybe we will do a group Photofusion next time….