Our Christmas Cards!

Every year, I get the family together for an attempt at our very own family Christmas cards! This year, the budget was cut slightly (just kidding – we’ve never actually had a budget! Ha!) and we asked Reema come over to snap a few quick shots of us for our cards. I can’t show the pictures we’re going to use for the cards just yet – but I can share a couple cute ones I snapped of the kids and Anthony!

And since it’s Thanksgiving break, and we’re letting the kids stay up a little late, I thought you could hear from them about our pictures!

Since he’s the oldest, I’ll let Liam go first!

Liam: I like every thing that we did.Mostly how Maddy danced!(She looks like Miranda Consgrove).Even though I am funny I LOVE the pictures. :)

Maddy: I liked everything we did:). Secretly Liam looked like a goblin!Ha just kidding,only his smile did.In some pictures!Anyhow I loved everything we did.I’m so excited  for NEXT year!Bye!:)Happy holidays!!!!!:)