My Internship at KWP

The KWP Experience

My experience as an intern for 6 months at Kristen Weaver Photography was much more than just an internship to me. I can whole-heartedly say at the risk of sound corny that Kristen, as well as every one else at KWP, have truly become like family to me.

One of the most amazing factors of this internship experience has been the diversity between myself and the other two interns. It’s such a wonderful mix of craziness and I couldn’t love it more. From the always smiling Priscilla to Emily’s constant giggling, I can honestly say that I haven’t had a bad day in the studio with these two!

I also have to give a shout out to the absolutely wonderful Lacey (the gal who keeps my A.D.D in line) and Gabe (aka my future husband if we can’t seem to find love elsewhere). These two are truly some thing else. It’s the most rewarding experience to be around people who are so young, yet so incredibly inspiring on all facets of their lives.

And of course, Kristen! Throughout my internship, I was able to follow alongside Kristen while she shot at a wedding, as well as a few other shoots. It was incredible to see such a talented woman in action doing what she loves. I truly could not say enough great things about Kristen; she is by far the most fun boss I’ve ever had, but she has genuinely taught me so many incredibly important lessons that I will carry on with me after graduation!

One of my favorite days assisting- Kristen’s “glamping” shoot with Kristen and Matt! Kristen and were definitely out of our element when we showed up to the location and heard gunshots in the near distance.

Kristen gave each of the interns a chance to put together our own inspiration shoot, a project that was pretty foreign to me. I can’t lie, I was incredibly nervous about this. I knew the amount of responsibility it entailed, and I knew that I would be working with an array of vendors whom I needed to properly explain my vision to. I can honestly say that the process of putting together my Moroccan Tea Party styled shoot taught me more in a few months than most of my classes have these past four years at college. I learned the importance  creating a concept that felt unique, how to work with vendors who I was not familiar with, the ability to articulate my ideas clearly, and of course how to not completely stress myself out.

The feeling of seeing the styled shoot that I conceptualized and orchestrated featured on a blog that I have found so much inspiration from was an incredible feeling. Be sure to see more images of my Moroccan Tea Party Inspiration shoot here on Ruffled!

succulent table
One of my absolute favorite shots by Kristen from my inspiration shoot. I don’t think I’ll ever not be obsessed with this table.

What’s Next for Me?

I am incredibly excited to say that I have accepted a position as Marketing Manager at Kristen Weaver Photography! To be honest, after 6 months I wasn’t quite ready to leave just yet. Towards the end of Summer, I’ll be moving to Los Angeles, which has been my plan after graduation ever since I can remember. Hopefully I’ll be in LA to work, but odds are I’ll spend most of my time crying because I’ll be missing my KWP team.