Happy Holidays from Kristen Weaver Photography   This is my team.   They’re pretty darn amazing. I’ve been doing some speaking engagements lately talking about my new internship program, which has been a huge success, and I’ve been so lucky to find 3 amazing college students who have been making me proud since day one.…

Happy Holidays from Kristen Weaver Photography


This is my team.


They’re pretty darn amazing. I’ve been doing some speaking engagements lately talking about my new internship program, which has been a huge success, and I’ve been so lucky to find 3 amazing college students who have been making me proud since day one. Rounding out the group is Gabe and Lacey – who I literally can’t live without.


To celebrate the holidays, the interns shared some of their best holiday memories at our craft and decorating party!


vintage spruce holiday candle from target


Q. What gift did you always want, but never get?


Priscilla: “I always really wanted an iPod but instead I got a mini MP3 player.”

Erin: “I still ask my parents for a puppy every year. So, yeah, mom, if you’re reading this… I still want a puppy.”

Emily: “I feel like I’ve always wanted to be surprised with a spontaneous vacation or trip somewhere.”


fruit salsa



Q. What is your all time favorite holiday movie?

Priscilla: “I really love Elf and the Grinch.”

Erin: “The Nightmare Before Christmas- during the season my papa and I would always watch it! ”

Emily: “My favorite holiday movie is Elf. Always Elf.”



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holiday pajama party


Q. Who would you love to meet under the mistletoe?


Priscilla: “Do celebreties count?:) Dylan O’Brien, Liam Hemsworth is really pretty but I honestly have a list in my head.”

Erin: “Where do I even start?! Justin Bieber, Kit Harington Shia LaBeouf, Theo James, someone stop me…”

Emily: “My husband, William!”


decorating the office christmas tree


Q. What is your favorite Christmas song?


Priscilla: “They all actually really frustrate me!”

Erin: “Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (1994). There’s nothing better.”

Emily: ” I love Baby Its Cold Outside. It has always been my favorite.”


white christmas tree


Q. Favorite food in your holiday meal?


Priscilla: “Sweet Potato Casserole!!”

Erin: “At the risk of sounding posh, lobster. One year my mom thought it would be fun to switch it up and take lobster off the menu, I’m still not over it.”

Emily: ” I love love love a good sweet potato casserole.”


making ugly sweaters

christmas ugly sweater making kit


Q. If you were an ornament, what type of ornament would you be?


Priscilla: “I would be the dancing emoji! (one that actually  dances!)”

Erin: “Probably a dream catcher. It’s a little odd for it to be there, but oh well it looks pretty anyways.”

Emily: “According to everyone in the office, I would be a deer. So we’ll go with that– a deer ornament. Maybe it’s just because I’m so graceful.”


ugly sweater

custom holiday sweater


Q. If you could decorate your perfect Christmas tree, what would it look like?


Priscilla: “I would have a real tree. The lights would be actual stars. Though that would probably set the tree on fire! I might have to put more thought into this magical tree now.”

Erin: “One of those super hipster DIY Free People-esque Christmas trees that breaks all of the rules of conventional trees.”

Emily: “It would have ornaments that all came from wherever I’ve been. I feel like each one would have a story and be meaningful.”


sock monkey foot pajamas

mistletoe and mimosas shirt

snowman socks


Q. What is your New Years resolution this year?


Priscilla: “To be open to change and not be afraid of the future. I graduate in May and that will be a huge change that I am terrified of BUT its just a new journey.”

Erin: “My resolution is that every time I look in the mirror, I’ll appreciate myself the way Kanye appreciates Kanye.”

Emily: “I definitely want to travel more!”



kwp interns


Q. If you could choose one favorite holiday memory as a child what would it be?


Priscilla: “My last Christmas living in Queens, New York, my brothers and I played out in the snow until we were bright red and numb. I built a fort, made a hill of snow that we just rolled down, snow angels and made more snowballs than I could count!”

Erin: “Every year, all of the kids in my family would try so hard to stay up late to catch Santa in the house. This is my favorite memory because I still try to stay up late to catch my mom sneakily placing gifts under the tree, and some how never manage to stay up late enough.”

Emily: ” I love when my parents have these big thanksgiving get-togethers. There’s just so many people and old family friends that we haven’t seen in a while and us kids always bring a few of our friends over. There’s something about having a house full of great people and good food. “

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kwp internship program


Q. When do you decorate your house for the holiday season? Are you a “wait until Thanksgiving is over” type of gal, or do you get started as soon as Christmas songs start playing on the radio?


Priscilla: “We never actually had a set time.”

Erin: “As soon as Target starts selling any thing Christmas related, I take it as my cue to begin decorating.”

Emily: “Usually we start setting up for the holidays on Thanksgiving after dinner, when we’re all together.”





Q. What present are you hoping to find under the tree this year?


Priscilla: “I don’t actually have one:) Every Christmas since I’ve been in college I just remember how lucky I am to have the things that I do have and if I get something thats great and if not I’m okay with that too! ”


Erin: “Justin Bieber. And a new pair of Reeboks- either or. ”

Emily: “I don’t really have my sight set on anything in particular this year, so I’m just excited to see what my family comes up with. They usually ask me what I want and just get me that, but this year its a bit of a surprise. Which is how it should be!”



prom poses

awkward coworker photo


Q. When did you find out the truth about Santa?


Priscilla: “I was laying under the Christmas tree. I loved looking at the lights through the tree but my brothers were mad at me for something and yelled out that Santa wasn’t real. ”

Erin: “Funny story- Santa was visiting my hometown golf course so all of us kids were there to see him of course. Being the sneaky, curious child I was, I found all of our presents from Santa in the coat closet. So instead of playing it cool and keeping it to myself, I gathered all of the other kids and showed them all of the presents, evidently revealing that Santa was a fraud.”

Emily: “I honestly can’t even remember. Santa was never a very big deal for me when I was a kid. My family celebrated Hanukkah when I was younger. Even if we did the whole Christmas thing, I don’t think my parents would want to give up credit for buying gifts.”





Q. What is a holiday tradition that you want to pass along to your kids?


Priscilla: “I don’t actually have one!”

Erin: “Well, I don’t actually plan on ever having children so…”

Emily: “Every year I cook and bake a little extra to take to the soldiers on post who aren’t able to go home or are stuck on duty. I think it’s a really nice gesture, and they don’t have to feel so alone for the holidays. I think it would be nice to pass along when I have kids some day.”


gabe channeling frida



Q. What is one question your family never fails to ask you when you come home for the holidays?


Priscilla: “‘¿Y el novio?’ Meaning – and the boyfriend?! HA.”

Erin: *while making myself another plate of food* “Do you really need a second helping?”

Emily: “It’s more of those old family friends and they always ask about school and why I chose to be in Florida.”





Q. What is your least favorite aspect of the holiday season?


Priscilla: “Awkward small talk with your older relatives because I never know what to say to them.”

Erin: “Since I spend the holidays at home in Detroit, the snow is by far my least favorite part.”

Emily: “To be honest, I hate taking everything down. It takes a while to get used to not having all the decorations up.”



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