2012 | KWP Holiday Dolls

Making the annual KWP Holiday cards is one of the most fun things I do all year! I love picking out the design and working with some of my favorite vendors on the concept. But this year, I couldn’t possibly just choose one or 2 clients to feature on all of our cards – so I contacted one of my favorite “specialty” photographers, Lea St. Germain, to do a photoshoot for me!

I stumbled upon Lea’s work awhile back – I honestly don’t even remember when! I was immediately intrigued with a series she shoots of all dolls. The amount of time and work she puts in to these shoots is ridiculous and they are impeccably designed! She loves the same things I do – sparkly, beautiful details and lots of feminine touches! So it made perfect sense to collaborate on the project!

She set up 2 designs for me – the first being a Winter Wonderland feel, with lots of shine and blues. The second was a Glam Dollhouse Holiday with a little bling and lots of glam. *I* made an appearance as the featured photographer – right down to the black pants, blazer and sparkly top!

Everything fell right in to place – and now I have these amazing cards to share with all of my friends, clients and colleagues!

But there was too much goodness to keep to ourselves, so I wanted to share Lea’s incredible work with everyone! So enjoy the KWP Holiday Doll shoot by Lea St. Germain!

Fun fact: This is the first time I’ve featured another photographer’s work on my blog!

Lea’s website: http://www.leastgermain.com/
Lea’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeaStGermainPhotography
Lea’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/blinkydoll

Happy Holidays and have a beautiful New Year! All our love, the staff at Kristen Weaver Photography