Final Internship Post: Ari

End of Internship : Ari

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About six months ago I was in bed looking for internships day and night. I wanted something that would give me hands on experience, a good work environment and a great mentor. But, I had no luck until I came across Kristen’s Internship program.  Instantly, I looked through all of her her social media posts and stumbled upon a past intern’s, Gabby, post and fell in love with the possibility. I emailed Kristen right away to introduce myself and to tell her I was very interested in this position, then I applied for it.  Shortly after, I received an interview,  I knew that if I landed this it would be everything that I wanted.  When I came in to be interviewed I was really nervous yet excited. Then two kitties came up to me and I instantly overcame that nervousness.  After the interview I sent a letter to Kristen thanking her for the opportunity. Within the next week I found out that I had landed the internship!

The Bees Knees

The other interns, Shannon, Samara, Kevin and I all met at our first team meeting and instantly got along.  Kristen asked us to choose a group name and slogan, so, we came up with “The Bees” because we are “The Bees Knees” 😏. Throughout this internship I got to experience assisting Kristen with beauty shoots, family shoots and wedding shoots.  I have also helped cull images, edit, setup and break down equipment, write thank you cards and put together welcome kits. I have had the most hands on experience that I could ever ask for out of an internship.

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Wedding experience

I assisted Kristen with was Maxine and Jared’s wedding at The Alfond Inn. Seeing the traditions of a Jewish wedding was so cool to me, plus, they had a yummy donut wall! This was also the first wedding that I have ever been to, so needless to say I was definitely crying. It was an amazing experience and seeing the love these couples have for each other never fails to make me sob.

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For Evergreen shoot

At the beginning of the internship we were given the task to create our own styled shoot.  Kristen had all of us interns take a personality test to see who should be paired up and Kevin and I got the same personality type!  We combined our visions into a wedding/anniversary styled shoot. Sadly, he left us for an opportunity in California. So, one of Kristen’s previous interns, Malik, came back to help me finish putting together the shoot and executing it. This was by far one of the best things I have done, I was able to take something that I envisioned and make It come to life.  Check out the blog post!

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I am more sad than relieved for my internship to come to an end. I will be leaving people that I have come to know and love.  This was the best (and first) internship I could have asked for. It gave me all the hands on experience that I was looking for, .  I hope to continue my experience in this field and look forward to life after Rollins College.