Apps for photographers – our list of what all photographers need!

Apps for Photographers

A few weeks ago, Google Calendar shut down and the world almost stopped running completely. That day it seemed like every post on facebook and instagram was about Google Calendar. It didn’t take long for the jokes and memes to start popping up everywhere. Sorry, I can’t work today. Google Calendar is down.

It got me thinking what other apps I use in my business that make being a wedding photographer and business owner run smoothly. These days, we rely so heavily on technology and for good reason. It really does make life so much easier, as long as it is working properly. My entire team loves all of these!

So here is a list of apps for photographers that I really couldn’t live without!

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Dark Sky

This time of year in Florida, it rains practically every day. Dark Sky provides the most accurate minute by minute update on the weather. Trust me, this comes in sooo handy when trying to decide if we need to reschedule an engagement session or if we need to make changes to the timeline mid-wedding to ensure we get the most amazing (and dry) newlywed portraits.

dark sky weather app

Dark Sky Summary: $3.99 on the app store. 4.4 Stars with 41k Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Android
Download Dark Sky for iPhone or Android



Planoly is great because it allows me to visualize, plan and schedule my instagram posts. The analytics provides useful information about my audience and what is working. I can reply to comments straight from the app too.

With Planoly, I can manage and schedule all of my instagram from one place. I love this app because it frees up more time to work on other aspects of my business or even a little ‘me’ time.

best apps for photographers

Planoly Summary: Free but has in-app purchases. 4.7 Stars with 5.5k Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android
Download Planoly for iPhone or Android



Loope is an app that helps to create a timeline for the actual wedding day and makes it possible to stay connected with other vendors, team members and clients throughout the day. Forget the days of loosing paper timelines mid-wedding or fighting them in the wind at a beach wedding. No pen to check off the family shot list – no problem! With Loope, we can check off each grouping in the app. And if things are running a little late as they often do, we can simply update that in Loope and everyone stays on the same page to make the wedding run flawlessly.

photographer apps

Loope Summary: Free. 4.8 Stars with 11 Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad
Download Loope for iPhone


Clarity Money

I am guessing you probably didn’t become a photographer to be an accountant. Although this app won’t replace your actual accountant, it will make managing your finances a whole lot easier. Clarity Money analyzes your finances and helps to improve it. It will organize your bills and recurring payments and even help find and cancel subscriptions you forgot about. Loope will help you stay under budget and show you when you overspend.

apps all photographers need


Clarity Money Summary: Free. 4.7 Stars with 45.7k Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android
Download Clarity Money for iPhone or Android


Mileage IQ

Mileage IQ is an amazing app that uses technology to automatically track your miles. It logs each trip and calculates the drive values for both your business and personal drives. Driving to engagement session and weddings can really add up. This app tracks it for you and keeps in one place making doing your taxes a little easier and let’s be honest, we all need that.

keep track of mileage

Mileage IQ Summary: Free but has in-app purchases. 4.6 Stars with 20.3k Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android
Download MileIQ for iPhone or Android


Magic Hour

Every photographer knows about this magical time we call “golden hour” that occurs just after sunrise, or more commonly used, just before sunset. As the sun sets, the light becomes softer, orange or golden in hue and just perfect to create gorgeous newlywed portraits. Magic Hour keeps me updated on the exact time for sunset and the weather conditions so we’re ready to capture the love in the most beautiful light.

Magic hour app for photographers

Magic Hour Summary: Free but has in-app purchases. 4.8 Stars with 1.6k Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad
Download Magic Hour for iPhone
Alternative for Android users: Golden Hour



I was dying to add something fun to our apps for photographers list! Blendoku is a game that teaches color blending ad arranging. The main goal is to achieve the perfect gradient by using swatches to fill in empty space on color palettes. This app will test your visual acuity and knowledge about color theory, plus it is a lot of fun!

games for artists

Blendoku Summary: Free but has in-app purchases. 4.9 Stars with 2.5k Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android
Download Blendoku for iPhone or Android
Mastered Blendoku? Try Blendoku 2 on iPhone or Android!



One of my favorite apps to create beautiful stories on Instagram, Unfold is a great free option (with useful paid layouts as well!). Design and publish stories quickly and on-brand for any style!

create ig stories

Unfold Summary: Free but has in-app purchases. 4.9 Stars with 66.3k Ratings
Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android
Download Unfold for iPhone or Android


What other apps for photographers would you recommend?