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Say what?

6 months. It’s a tough time for a kid. I mean, you’ve got all this stuff to say and just can’t find the words. Literally. Probably because you don’t know them yet. So you do what Brady does. He talks… a lot. And he uses his hands and face to tell us 10 minute long stories about his troubles. I’ve been taking pictures of this little goober since he was a fetus (word of the…

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Welcome to Charleston!

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was contacted by fellow-photographer Nichole Alexandra Johnson about shooting her and her hubby in their hometown of Charleston, SC! While only in my first few months of “official” photography business, I was still surprised that someone wanted to bring me all the way to South Carolina just to shoot a session for them! Since I would be in town, we also decided to do some…

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A Future Florida Gator

I feel like I’ve known Danielle for about the last 5 years… which is funny, because I have. Ok, it’s not that funny… but in 5 years, we may have only met once or twice – but I’ve heard her name a lot! She worked with my fiance at HuntonBrady a few years back and was good friends with him and the kids (in fact, they still ask about her!). On top of that, she…

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What I’m working on – Travel, Shoots and more!

I knew this would be one heckuva crazy month! With 5 weddings in 4 weeks, an engagement session in San Francisco, wedding in Jamaica, and shooting 2 editorials, plus the 2010 launch of my little baby, Images for a Cure – I had my hands full! And more excitingly (is that a word?), Friday celebrates my ONE YEAR anniversary in business!! I cannot believe how amazing this year has been – getting published in Southern…

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Melissa and Giant

I guess you could say that I didn’t officially meet Melissa until our shoot on Friday, but she’s one of those people I felt like I had known for years. We started talking last year when she participated in my photography fund raiser, Images for a Cure. She was one of my early supporters, and I couldn’t have done it without her! Since then, we’ve kept up on Facebook and Twitter, talking about shoots and…

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An Affair to Remember

Today, I get to introduce you to 6 amazing women that make up the ‘An Affair to Remember’ team! We got together Sunday evening in Winter Park to take some new photos of them (because, really, when you have a team this cute, why wouldn’t you always take new photos!) I can’t stress how important it is to work with a wedding coordinator for your event. Most have packages at every price point, from full…

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