Sometimes, you just get lucky. This is the story of Susan and Matt Dunn.

After a chance encounter at the UCF fitness center, where they were both faculty, these 2 are surely destined for a beautiful life together! You may remember my sneak peak of their wedding from their beautiful custom designed invitations (100% Matt) loksim3d vollversion kostenlosen. I don’t have a whole lot to say about their wedding last night at the Mead Gardens and Winter Park Farmer’s Market, other than it was everything I imagined it would be :) It was gorgeous, fun and sweetly romantic. I had such a wonderful time with them – Susan was the calmest bride I’ve ever worked with (maybe it was the afternoon chicken sandwich) and Matt was his glowing, fun-loving self :)

Their family was fun, the vibe was sweet and the food was delicious big farm download kostenlos! What else is there? Oh, yeah, maybe the 1959 Fleetwood (Eleanor Roosevelt’s personal limo) that they drove around in! Very cool, and very suiting for this adorable couple!

Dress: Alfred Angelo
Ceremony: Mead Gardens, Winter Park
Reception: Winter Park Farmer’s Market
Music and Lighting: SoundWave Entertainment Systems
Catering: O’Boys BBQ (yum!)

Invitations (Place cards, Fans, Logo, Font): Matt Dunn
Flowers and Centerpieces: Susan Dunn





Susan’s grandmother’s broach smileys whatsapp herunterladen. I thought it was amazing. Reema grabbed this shot. So pretty!




kristenweaver_dunn_08 kristenweaver_dunn_09



Susan has 5 brothers (yes, 5) and it was great to see her mom escorted down the aisle by  the youngest brother, Staff Sergeant Rob MacPeek.


Susan’s {very proud} dad walked her down the aisle herunterladen!


Their first kiss, and a happy little walk back down the aisle!


This is no accidental capture – Susan and Matt had a candid and funny bridal party, minus bridesmaids stranded deep kostenlosen chip! Bryce was a great Man of Honor, and Chris held up his end as Best Man (and his chin, apparently).
Matt-loaf (uh, no one has actually told me his real name yet) officiated and Cole rounded out the party (he must be a little camera shy, or has perfect timing, since he moved right as I took this shot)!

No worries, I have him in a bunch of others! Nonetheless, I love the picture, and so here it is :)


Reema (my associate photographer) captured this great side-shot while I was getting their formal pictures done tiptoi manager download mac.




A little texture coming your way. I couldn’t resist!



Probably my favorite shot from the whole day battlefield 1942 download vollversion kostenlos deutsch chip. Something just so adorable about Susan sticking her tongue out :)


These next 2 black and white shots were actually taken at the same time, from different angles by Reema and myself. I love seeing the different perspectives when you have 2 photographers.




Susan surprised Matt with a vintage 1959 Fleetwood formule 1 kalender 2020 downloaden! This exact car was actually the personal limo for Eleanor Roosevelt!


Their reception was stunning. Susan did an amazing job putting together the floral arrangements, and that’s a Publix cake (it was tasty!).
Of course their place cards had their signature silhouette and type that Matt created for the wedding harry potter and the fire goblet for free!


The best man, Chris, makes a grand entrance to the reception!
Les, from SoundWave Entertainment Systems
, rocked the reception all night Free music legal!




Just the sweetest moment. When Matt’s dad got a little choked up during his touching toast, Matt-loaf stepped in to back him up.


Beautiful chaos. I love this shot! What an awesome party!


And even the tender moments… we got it all. That’s Susan’s mom on the left – she was beaming all day!


The last couple shots of the night. I’m in love with the one on the right. They needed a little quiet moment, and I’m glad I could capture it for them!



Susan and Matt,
Thank you for allowing me to be with you on your beautiful day.
I can’t wait to see the amazing things in store for you, and your new life together.
Chili’s again, soon. This time I’ll try not to spoil any surprises :)

All my love and blessings to you both!