Calling all photographers! The Great KWP Job Search of 2012 is on!

Kristen Weaver Photography is now accepting resumes and portfolio submissions for a second photographer and in-office editor/assistant
to join her in the quest for happiness and awesomesauce kostenlose motorrad spiele zumen!

Who should apply haushaltsplan herunterladen? Someone with a glorious eye for photography, impeccable work ethic, amazing attitude, good sense of humor and overall get-it-doner! I’m open to all levels of experience and am certainly willing to train the right person herunterladen! I’m looking for someone between 20-25 hours per week in our Oviedo, FL office, as well as someone that can second shoot weddings (we have 35 booked for the next 12 months, so say goodbye to your weekends if you apply!) I also travel… a lot … and so someone who is comfortable being gone for 3-4 days at a time while we’re on assignment Free music legal pc.

Who you’ll be working with: Me! Kristen Weaver, owner, and obsessive-compulsive list-maker. Internationally published fashion and editorial photographer, lover of all things sweet tea and cheese, and an unhealthy obsession with fashion and romance youtube videos per browser downloaden.

What you’ll be expected to do: Work, duh! I need help with lots of things, from shooting, editing, marketing, archiving, answering emails and inquiries, preparing shipments, ordering prints and just keeping me sane (did I mention you must be completely organized?) You’ll also be helping me plan major photography workshops, speaking events, travel arrangements and my annual Images for a Cure event herunterladen. It may be lame, like grabbing us lunch, or awesome, like traveling to Mexico for a destination wedding, but either way I need someone fully committed to my amazing clients herunterladen!

The benefits: The hours can be pretty flexible at times, and every week is something new! I get the opportunity to work with amazing couples and high-end weddings so the experiences and opportunities are endless doc kostenlosen! You’ll be able to assist and help with fashion shoots and make some great connections in the industry.

Programs I use (and you would also use… you should let me know what you’re familiar with and what you’re not):
Adobe Creative Suite CS6, Lightroom 4, Microsoft Office, Gmail, ShootQ, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress

I shoot entirely Nikon (and am an NPS member) with 2 full sets of equipment that you may use during your employment open office kostenlos herunterladen. Big bonus if you have your own set with a Nikon D700 (or higher) model. I guess I can accept applications from Canon users, but it hurts my heart :)

Major props if you have experience in web design, creative (graphic) design, accounting, non-profit events/fundraising or retouching kostenlose bücher download.

I can’t stress this enough – but I want someone who loves this industry as much as I do, and is open to pursuing creative, inspiring artwork as a career.

So  …  it’s your move! Ready to apply?

We’ve made the application process easy – just check out our job posting here: