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Photofusion 2010 in Miami – Voting Now Open!

UPDATE: Voters may now vote once in a 24-hour time period wiso steuer sparbuch 2019 herunterladen. So if you voted at 2pm, you would be eligible for another vote at 2pm the next day. How To Vote: When viewing the polls, you should see 2 columns of entries photos from the samsung cloud. Each entry has a black border around it. Inside the border, to the left of the entry, is a small gray radial…

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PhotoFusion I: The Contest!

PHOTOFUSION [foh-toh] fyoo-zhuhn – (noun) – A new team-building experience hosted by Kristen Weaver You wanna hear something cool?   I LOVE what I do! Want to hear something else cool? I want to share it with you! Look – plain and simple… hate in the photography industry is ramppid. It’s sick, hurtful and honestly, pretty ridiculous. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a few weeks, and was really excited to share it with everyone…

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