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Fashion Editorial: Osceola Oasis

Last season, I was called to do a fantastic editorial with a wonderful team of girls! Although the editorial has been complete for some time, I don’t think we’ll have the privilege of seeing it in print (I recently heard they’ve gone out of business herunterladen. It’s a shame our local publications struggle as much as they do). But regardless, the team was fantastic and the photos are beautiful – so I’m finally going to…

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Megan | Orlando Fashion Preview

Lots of super cool things going on this weekend! My fan page on Facebook has reached over 1,000 fans (1,022 at time of blog post), and my own personal Facebook page has also reached over 1,000 friends herunterladen! Granted, I don’t personally know 70% of them – but it’s brought some majorly cool people in to my life. Enter Megan. I was completely inspired by her vintage features and sweet demeanor musik kostenlos herunterladen für…

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