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PhotoFusion I: The Contest!

PHOTOFUSION [foh-toh] fyoo-zhuhn – (noun) – A new team-building experience hosted by Kristen Weaver You wanna hear something cool?   I LOVE what I do! Want to hear something else cool? I want to share it with you! Look – plain and simple… hate in the photography industry is ramppid. It’s sick, hurtful and honestly, pretty ridiculous. I’ve been sitting on this idea for a few weeks, and was really excited to share it with everyone…

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Leave a message at the beep

It’s about that time lg pc suite kostenlos herunterladen! Today, Molly (from Cinematique Films) and I are making the long haul down to Miami, FL draw! I’ll be shooting 3 days of editorials for a NY Fashion magazine, and Molly will be catching the whole thing with her amazingly mad video-skills herunterladen. We’re super excited to be working with the talented Mary Irwin on 2 of the editorials, as well as amazing models from Wilhelmina,…

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Sarah Burgess | EPK

schriftart din herunterladen In December, while visiting my family in Ohio – I caught up with International recording artist, Sarah Burgess! She’s been busy traveling the world and recording her new album, but just recently sent me a little message that her new EPK is done, and her label loved our photos and used a few in it like downloading music from youtube! (PS – An EPK is an Electronic Press Kit. It’s what her…

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Faye and Derek : Couples Session

Celebration, FL. Can I just take a quick second and brag about how I seriously have the most gorgeous couples that ask me to take their photos tablet spiele zum herunterladen? I think I’m the luckiest photographer in Orlando! When you get couples like Faye and Derek, it’s not too difficult to catch the sweetest little moments herunterladen! I’m really glad they chose Celebration for their session, because there’s so many adorable little nooks and…

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The Project Continues

music download legal or illegal My project is in full swing, and after 5 shoots this week, I’m ready to post the finished images :) If you are one of my Facebook Fans, you’ve probably already seen them, but leave a comment if you stop by so I know you were here weihnachtsmotive zum downloaden gratis! Thanks, and enjoy! Hollie Lacey Tiffany Although there’s a pretty solid argument for this shot of Tiffany alone (minus…

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Amanda and Melissa

Yesterday was a super long day – 3 sessions, editing and home-life. It’s really difficult to juggle at times, but so important that I do well at both being a “mom” to kids who desperately need one, and being a good girlfriend, while still trying to run my own business facebook pdf herunterladen. Totally have a new respect for women who run their own business from home, with kids. It’s a three-ring circus some days!…

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