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For most shoots, I’ll jam to my iPod in the car on the way there… generally trying to match my selection of music with the mood of the shoot. So this morning, I found myself in a pickle. I knew Josh was a country music singer and songwriter (and quite talented, I may add!), but the only country music on my very large, and nearly full, iPod was Garth Brooks (commence laughing… but I really…

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Blogs Rock!

Yesterday I was featured on one of my favorite Bridal Blogs, Every Last Detail! I had the chance to meet the uber fantastic author, Lauren Grove, through an array of tweets and a tasty lunch over Olive Garden breadsticks during a recent visit to Tampa. Every Last Detail is slowly gaining recognition in the wedding industry thanks to Lauren’s own personal wedding experience, and her amazing attention to all things fabulous! Ooooh! And what’s that…

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Orlando Couples Session

Tiffany came out to Oviedo the other day to help me out with my project, and we decided to run out and grab a quick 20 minute session of her and her boyfriend. I haven’t seen Tiffany since somewhere in 2007, so it was really fun catching up and hanging out for a little bit! As a side note, it’s also 5am, and I can’t believe I’m still up :) Ah, the life of a…

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