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Amanda and Melissa

Yesterday was a super long day – 3 sessions, editing and home-life. It’s really difficult to juggle at times, but so important that I do well at both being a “mom” to kids who desperately need one, and being a good girlfriend, while still trying to run my own business facebook pdf herunterladen. Totally have a new respect for women who run their own business from home, with kids. It’s a three-ring circus some days!…

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Images for a Cure | Melissa and Sean

It’s Friday night, about an hour before Halloween officially begins! Yay! And I’ve finally finished up editing my last Images for a Cure session indesign cs6 download kostenlos! Melissa and Sean have been so patient with me as I got these done, and I really wanted to thank them for that! I had 4 sessions that day, which means I have to be an editing Superman… spotify songs kostenlos downloaden. everything about their session was…

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