Alfond Inn | Gray Diamond Gala

Gray Diamond Gala June 23, 2o16 | Alfond Inn Words cannot express the excitement I feel to announce the Gray Diamond Gala zip file open for free! This is a passion-project near and dear to me, as it benefits the medical fund of my family. In the wedding industry, we sure know what a good party looks like, so I’ve decided to throw one funny short videos for free! Rather than having one bride, we’d…

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This is a good day

I think Josh purposely fits his album releases in to my own business schedule! There couldn’t have been a better time for his new EP “Good Day” to release on iTunes than this week herunterladen! Not only did we finish up the artwork just last week, but he’s performing at the Images for a Cure Gala on March 1st (everyone’s invited, by the way word schriftarten downloaden! Go pick up your tickets here: http://www.imagesforacure.com/gala) I’m…

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