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Albums make me giddy

herunterladen Ahh! Getting new client albums is like giddiness in my house! Had to share this new stunner from Cara and Steven’s album before it finds it’s way to it’s new home at their house :) Love this cover Cara chose free simulator games! instagram herunterladen pc

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Puttin’ on the Ritz | Cara and Steven

Sarasota, FL | October 22, 2010 Cara and Steven Seguin I needed an absolutely cheesy title for one of my favorite cheesetastic couples, Steven and Cara samsung kies kostenlosen! They got married at the Ritz Carlton Beach Club in Sarasota. Their families were an absolute blast and I loved spending the day with them! Cara was really specific about the plans for the day: she wasn’t overly concerned with the details necessarily, she just really…

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