Amanda Babinski


Amanda and Melissa

Yesterday was a super long day – 3 sessions, editing and home-life. It’s really difficult to juggle at times, but so important that I do well at both being a “mom” to kids who desperately need one, and being a good girlfriend, while still trying to run my own business facebook pdf herunterladen. Totally have a new respect for women who run their own business from home, with kids. It’s a three-ring circus some days!…

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Fashion, Press

Jordan and Amanda

Before I left for Ohio (2 week vacation, what?!), I did a quick shoot with Amanda and Jordan and Jillian Caro for the magazine, Vocess.  They’re putting together this really fun How-To on some of Jillian’s killer makeup techniques sierra herunterladen! I wanted to share some of the gorgeous shots we got from that night, and make sure to check out Vocess when it comes out to see how Jillian put it all together weihnachtsspiele…

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