So fancy equipment does not a photographer make, but I’ll tell you what – it sure helps! After spending a month with my BFF, the Nikon D700, it had to go back to it’s home and I got my D200 back from Nikon… all fixed up Download the German dictionary for free. Not that I’m not happy to see my little baby back, but seeing the quality that came from the D700 – I’m sold. I’ll be purchasing one very shortly :)

Speaking of besties… meet Taylor and Leeann whatsapp android kostenlos!

They’re Seniors at East Ridge High School, and came out for the afternoon for a senior session! We had fun watching the chickens, talking movies and sharing some quality time over lunch (er… dinner?) – and they were troopers for dealing with Oviedo’s finest (honestly, why must every man in a huge pickup truck catcall, whistle and honk when they see teenage girls herunterladen? Bleh.). Oh, and can we just take a second and talk about the HEAT? No, seriously. It’s October, right (as I check my calendar)…. and we had record highs with 103 heat index pou kostenlos herunterladen ios. We had to take “wipe the sweat” breaks. No kidding. Yuck.

Here’s a couple teasers from today!


Taylor is on the left, and Leeann is on the right willy werkel download kostenlos.




So much more to come adobe reader pdf gratis herunterladen! But for now, I need to get some sleep because tomorrow is Images for a Cure, and I have 4 sessions plus 2 photographers, an assistant and videographer shadowing me facebook videos to iphone. Yikes!