The KWP Studio | A Look Inside

A Peek Inside the KWP  Studio

The KWP studio is where the magic happens! But what happens here, doesn’t stay here, which is why we decided to show you all the ins and outs of the studio.

Kristen’s personal office greats you at the front door, so from the time you walk in you truly get a vibe for who Kristen Weaver is. We’re all about comfort here, so this is where we’ll often ditch the shoes and have a little pow-wow for lunch. Kristen’s desk has tons of little cute and colorful knickknacks surrounding her desk that make it a little more “at-home” when you’re there.  From Kristen’s office, let’s step into the main area of the studio!

With a lifting garage door to let in natural light, our industrial studio is a true gem in Oviedo, FL. The tall ceilings  and white walls make the space feel open and airy. There are a few things that can be found in each little nook of the studio. These include fruity hand sanitizers, all of the colorful pens you could ask for, and of course cat themed sticky notes. Kristen is a serious organizational guru. The office is overflowing with white Ikea cabinets that are organized to perfection. Kristen also absolutely adores her Keurig Kold, which makes a variety of sodas. Here is where you’ll find Lacey sending out emails to keep things running smoothly, Gabe editing the latest wedding, and Erin typing up the next blog post.

All in all, the KWP studio is so much more than a workplace. It’s a space where we eat our online-ordered Panera salads, discuss our future wedding plans (mostly Erin and Gabe), swoon over the latest wedding ideas, and sometimes we even get a little work done!

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