The Celebration Society 2017 Behind the Scenes

The Celebration Society BTS

A rare behind the scenes look at our Fashion Bridal Editorial with The Celebration Society! Lacey photographed our entire day at Streamsong Resort, and as Part 3 of our series about our editorial in the 2017 edition of TCS, we’re sharing some of our favorites! For vendors and gown information, check out our first post, linked below!

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So what does it really take to photograph something like this? Well, first, Erin from The Celebration Society pulled together an incredible team. The day started early with hair and makeup, while the video team (Rad Red Creative) and I toured the property to look at potential shooting spots. When we returned to the room with our “list” – we looked at the gowns and I paired each gown with a location that I felt would really highlight the style and feel of the dress and designer.

After putting together a timeline and strong game-plan, we got started with our first model, which ended up being one of my favorite looks and was even featured as the lead-off image of the editorial!

I feel like the first look always takes me the longest to shoot because I’m becoming familiar with the way the model moves and photographs. It’s a little bit of a study-cram-session while I memorize her angles and best features so each subsequent look can move quickly. One of the benefits to working in weddings so frequently is that I can quickly tell when I’ve got the shot I need and like to move on. I don’t find it necessary to take 45 minutes to shoot a single look, overshooting and just giving us more work in post.

One of our directives was to capture full length and details of each gown – so it was a nice blend of both fashion and bridal for me! I love photographing details on the gowns, and since we had some incredible gowns from some incredible designers, it was super easy!


streamsong resort

lejeune artistry

patricia lejeune, lejeune artistry

behind the scenes

We started our first look on the “green”. Set up took us a few minutes to play with angles and lighting, touch-ups and gown adjustments. But once we got moving, it was a breeze! For this first gown, I loved the architectural styling of the building with the cut-out back detail of her gown.

Our second dress, with the sheer beaded overlay, was photographed in the same spot, but a different angle, to pull in more of the grass and greenery.

celebration society

behind the scenes photoshoot

For this gown, we chose the long driveway entrance to the resort to capitalize on the entire hotel in the background. It’s really striking when you drive up, so we wanted it to feel grand!

streamsong resort wedding

orlando bridal hair and makeup

behind the scenes with kristen weaver photography

rad red creative behind the scenes

My favorite look of the day was this super flowy, super feminine ballgown! Every way she moved it was SO easy to photograph! As a whole, the collection of shots from this location were my favorite of the day.

We chose the blue tile wall on the rooftop bar to photograph this simple white gown.

And then down to the pool and trellis for this Tara Keely classic lace gown.

Our final gown was shot in and out of rain, and we used both models in different spots for it. First, we worked with Alyson in the back of this clubhouse (photographed below), where the golf course has huge mounds over the lake – it looks like something straight from another state! Then we finished with our blonde model in the same gown along the stone wall and cool gravel/grass floor in front of the clubhouse.