I had an opportunity to get new headshots.

Wait, what I mean to say is that I was forced to have headshots taken, since my only headshot (not taken with a phone) is from 2009 youtube only toton.

I asked Luisa and Marla to come over and fancy up my team – Anthony, Alyssa and myself – for our new website that we’re working on weihnachtsbilderen! Since they helped us out, we did a few new shots for them too! Some studio, some natural light. Goofy or smiley, they looked gorgeous!

I know I’m always referring my brides and clients to Luisa and Marla – and now Luisa has her own salon in Altamonte Springs called LUMA mietvertrag zumen! So definitely get in touch with her because she makes everyone look amazing!

You can book Luisa at LUMA Salon, read and write recommendations and view her price list here: http://www.styleseat.com/LuisaV

And this is Alyssa image editing for free! Alyssa’s been my second shooter for the last year and many of you may already know her :)

Luisa and I decided on a little jumping action italienisch lernen cd download kostenlos. It didn’t work out so well…. lol