Black and White Film Photography : Gabby

If you’ve been lurking on instagram lately, you may have noticed that I started a new account called @kristenweaverstudio. As much as I love my normal insta (which has been leaning more towards wedding film photography) – I haven’t felt quite as comfortable sharing some of my personal and creative projects since they usually don’t vibe with the general tone of my normal page.

If you’re new to the KWP brand – I actually started my photography journey photographing women’s portraits in a more fashion vibe. Beauty and commercial photography always called to me, but I found that I could take my love for photographing women – and blend it with the romance that I crave. Wedding photography just made sense.

As the years have gone on, and my team has grown, I’m finding more time to bring back my love for these personal projects.

“Dance in a ring of flames, shadows fall the same”

On a whim, around 10:30pm one night, I texted Gabby and asked if she’d like to throw together an impromptu shoot in the studio the next morning. A facebook open call for a makeup artist brought Shannon in to my life (thanks Bumby!) and we found a vibe that felt so comfortable.

I shot Gabby’s session both on digital and film. The digital shots are still being edited, but I instantly fell in love with the grittiness and slight underexposure of the film scans from The FindLab!

To give you an idea of our setup, we had a gray textured backdrop, large open warehouse door to the model’s right, and white foam core on the left for fill. These were photographed on my Contax 645 with my Zeiss 80mm 2.0 lens. For wardrobe, we used a cardigan sweater that we wrapped around Gabby, black bikini bottoms and a black strapless bra.

Hair and Makeup: Shannon Miller
Model: Gabrielle Brookes with Modern Muse
Film Scans: The FindLAB

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