Stella | 4 Months

I have been anxiously waiting to get to Stella’s 4 month session! I am just so in love with this little girl :) Between her big lips and big feet, she is a serious cutie! Kathy and Rob are really finding their groove as new parents and Stella has been a joy for them. She only cried once during our entire session (towards the end, when she was both hungry and tired!) and really makes me enjoy spending time with her :) Every time she giggles, I melt a little bit :)

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Kathy and Rob’s Maternity Session:

Stella’s Newborn Session:

As Kathy was shaking my keys to get Stella’s attention…. it seemed we also got the attention of a bigger child…

The entire backdrop for our shoot was so gorgeous! Even though I think I was lying in stink-weed the whole time….

I’m not sure why, but the shot on the right reminds me of some crazy royal portrait… it might be Stella’s expression – but it cracks me up!

I fell in LOVE with this chair that Kathy brought to the shoot!


Post-dinner nap-time

Sleep tight little one :) See you in a couple months for your 6 month session!