Meet Kristen

Established 2009

“For me, connection is impossible without curiosity about other humans. As I evolved as an artist, I found that what clients wanted from the photos they commissioned me for was to have powerful, deeply meaningful photos.”

Weddings satiate my desire for connection, my love for problem-solving, and my endless love of fashion. There’s no better feeling than presenting a newly married couple with their wedding photos and knowing that for years to come, they will look back on this day with awe and wonder through the photographs.  Travel has heavily influenced my photography style. I think that going to different places has helped me ‘see’ differently, not only in my own day to day life but as a photographer. It’s made me more keenly aware of how culture plays into the love people share. I’ve photographed all over the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, and as far as Australia. On my travel bucket list for weddings: Oia/Santorini Greece, Lake Como Italy, French Riviera, Norway, and Tokyo. 

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